With the support of my family, I have made the decision to run in the November 7th, 2017 Mayoral Race in the City of Mayfield Heights.  So, let's begin....MEET THE TERESI'S.

Jim and I were married 26 years ago and blended our families.  I am fortunate to have two amazing children, Renee and Nick and Jim is blessed to have two amazing girls, Kristie and Stephanie.  All four of our children are happily married and have given us the blessing of seven grandchildren. I could go on forever about our kids and grandkids, but more about our family later.  For now, residents should be interested in why I got in the race for Mayor.

As Council President for the last four years, I have gained a great insight into what goes on in the City. How have decisions been made?  How does the City distribute the budget dollars?  The biggest question is can the City continue to make the same financial decisions when revenues decrease?  Where will the City be in the next five years? 

These are hard questions and they are hard decisions to make.  When the City was a bedroom community, a part time mayor worked well.  Today, we need a full-time mayor -- someone who is dedicated to the City and who can spend the time it takes to be effective.  I feel I have the knowledge, and leadership skills to make the right decisions.  I owned my own successful business for more than 15 years, was responsible for the day- to-day operation, bringing in income, providing jobs and networking.  All these things are necessary to be a successful Mayor. 
I hear daily from residents who tell me the City has changed. You are right!  The question is - has it changed for better or worse?  The economy has changed, technology has changed, residents have changed.   Now, the City needs a positive change!  We need to be proactive, we need to be more protective of our residents, our properties and our surroundings.
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